What You Should Know About the ‘Non-League’ Football in England?

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When it comes to English football, you may be used to watching spectacles, expensive Premer League’s TV broadcasts, and placing only those bets that can bring larger profits. However, the entire English football league system includes the Premier League, the EFL, the NLS leagues and many local leagues with more than 7000 active clubs!

English football is especially attractive for people who like sports betting. Real betting fans will not only place their bets on Premier League or chase bonuses and great deals like Nairabet Affiliate Code 2019 but will also follow many great football clubs from lower leagues.

There’s Some Serious Football Outside the Premier League

Thousands of passionate football players get together every week in front of their loyal fans to play this amazing game. Every single person plays with their heart on the field, for both a local club and their own people.

Those clubs also have seasons, schedules and charts. They list winners and losers, celebrate victories and mourn defeats. Still, it is a little bit ironic, but they call themselves the Non-League. It’s the term that best describes football in England outside the Premier League.

But actually, Non-League is a league for itself, it’s just not ‘the one’, referring to top levels of the professional football in the country. 

The English Football League Pyramid

England has who-knows-how-many football leagues and just as much governing entities that control them. To understand what the term ‘non-league’ refers to, we must first look at the very top of the English football pyramid.

Since 1992, the Premier League is on the top, with a total of 20 most elite clubs in the country. Furthermore, 72 lower-league clubs belong to the three divisions of English Football League (EFL). 

Together, those clubs represent professional football in England.

The ‘Non-League’ Football

The Non-League is made of the football clubs that belong to the lower part of the pyramid, in 23 different levels. Even if the name says it is not a league, all those clubs participate in the league’s competition and can be promoted or relegated from it.

Most of them are a part of the National League, or more precisely, 24 clubs in 5 levels. Even lower on the hierarchy ladder, English Non-League has professional or semi-professional clubs that are even older than some great names from the very top. 

Non-League Day

England is the land of football. The rankings of various levels and leagues in this sport probably go so far that the last amateur league is made up of kids playing football on the street. Furthermore, the Non-league even has its Day, on October 12. It is officially marked as a day when people around the country support smaller local clubs and celebrate the tradition of playing football.