What Makes Football So Popular?

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Football is a sport played literally everywhere in the world and watched by millions of people! Yet, so are other sports. So what makes football so special?

Is it the simplicity of the game? Is it the hype that it is able to bring when goals are scored? Is it the money and glamor that comes with it?

The answer may be all three of those and at the same time none of those. Football is popular for many reasons. Some have a personal connection to it while others have heard about it from somebody else.

The bottom line is that football remains the most popular sport played today in the world.

Here are some of the reasons why

The Most Popular Tournament in the World

Respectfully, the Football World Cup is the most popular tournament currently played in the world. The competition takes place every four years and attracts all the starts in one place for the battle of the nations and reaching the elusive World Cup trophy.

For most, pride is what is at stake. Others play for glory and the ability to be recognized. So many world football stars are made and discovered here. Many legendary games have been played with unexpected results.

This is in a nutshell what football is supposed to be about.

The Best Athletes

Another thing that makes football so popular is the number of stars it has. Probably the best athletes in the world are football players. Many young children look up to them and want to become like them. Aspiring somebody to reach greatness is what makes a good athlete.

But let’s not forget their performance on the pitch. Some of the most popular football players have reached their legendary status only by being able to perform the way they do. It is how stars are made in the world of sports.

Local Derbies

Bitter rivalries among local football clubs are the stuff of legends. Most of the teams that compete have a club that they don’t want to lose to. Fans of Tottenham usually say that they don’t mind in which position they finish the season, as long as it is above Arsenal.

All of these bitter rivalries have resulted in some of the most spectacular matches in world football. All the fans flock to the stadium and it is the only thing they talk for days.

Transfer Deadline

Money plays an important part in world football. It dictates how players are moved and where they eventually end up at. The transfer deadline day is one of the most spectacular and exciting days of the year as fans are hoping that their team sings a prolific player that will help them improve their results.

Vicious turnarounds have happened on transfer deadline day. De Gea almost made it to Real Madrid at one point but the deal never went through, as the papers did not come in time due to a faulty fax machine. This is just one of the examples of crazy stories that happen during this day.