The Biggest Football Game Blowouts in the World

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High-scoring affairs in football don’t happen that often. But when they do they are a lot of fun. But sometimes things can get out of hand. This is when one of the opponents is significantly weaker than the favorite and the match ends in a landslide victory for the stronger team.

There have been a few instances in world football where the score on the board did not resemble that of a football game.

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Tahiti vs Cook Islands 30-0 (1971)

Tahiti is by no means a force in football. But that day in 1971 they played as if they were one of the most lethal squads in football history. Mind you, they were playing against the Cook Islands which by their own right were not and still aren’t an opponent that one needs to fear.

The game was played as a part of the South Pacific Games and ended up 30 to 0 in favor of Tahiti.

Australia vs American Samoa 31-0 (2001)

The win that Australia recorded against American Samoa in the 2002 World Cup qualifiers is the highest scoring margin in World Cup Qualifier history. Blowout games used to happen often in the OFC before Australia was moved to the Asian Football Conference.

The Australian Archie Thompson will go down in history as well by scoring 13 goals in this game. However, in the end, Australia failed to qualify for the world cup as they were eliminated in a playoff game against Uruguay.

Dundee Harp vs Aberdeen Rovers 35-0 and Arbroath vs Bon Accord 36-0 (1885)

These two entries will have to go down together as they both took place on the same day as part of the Scottish league. In both games, the favoring sides were significantly stronger and both matches ended up with Aberdeen sides being eliminated and humiliated.

Arbroath was a clear favorite and although a victory was expected no one predicted it would be a massive one. Then, an 18-year old John Petrie scored 13 goals in the match (later tied by the aforementioned Thompson).

However, the other game which featured the now-defunct side of Dundee Harp saw them win in a similarly dominant fashion. However, there was a problem with the scorekeeping and certain history books may say that the score was supposed to be 37-0.

AS Adema vs Stade Olympique L’Emyrne 149-0 (2002)

The all-time record of a blowout game is held by AS Adema of the Madagascar league. Adema and Olympique L’Emyrne are the two most famous and best sides of Madagascar football. But when the two sides met in the cup final Adema scored a massive victory, the biggest in the world, without touching the ball.

Namely, Olympique L’Emyrne players decided to protest the previous game that saw them lose the title against Adema. In the last game of the season L’Emyrne lost against Adema due to a bad penalty call from the referee. So the players decided to protest them losing the title in such fashion and started putting the ball in the back of their own net. They stopped at 149 when they ran out of time. Needless to say, the protest didn’t work as they planned and the score stood while Adema celebrated a double title.