The Biggest Possible Surprises of 2019 in the Football Transfer Market

May 1, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized by No Comments

Football is the most popular sport on the planet. As such, it is followed by all sorts of people, very closely. The smallest changes in the world of football are seen and noticed by everyone. The larger and more popular leagues are usually in the limelight, especially when clubs prepare for a new season, or when they start changing players. Transfers are always up for debate, even more so when a club is doing poorly and is change is necessary to make things work.

2019 is a new year, and with every new year, new transfers are possible, to shake up the world, despite contracts lasting supposedly much longer. Here are the biggest surprises that we might yet see in 2019.

Arjen Robben

Robben is the legendary footballer who used to play for Chelsea and Real Madrid. Currently playing for Bayern Munich, he is looking at his contract ending very soon, this season, in fact. At the age of 35, not many clubs will be looking at the legendary player. His age is not the only determining factor. He was prone to multiple injuries during the first years of his career, which hindered his potential greatly. The Dutch forward is looking like he might retire after his contract ends, but you never know, he might just keep going.

Daniel Sturridge

A forward for Liverpool, who was sent to play for West Brom, on loan. That is not something which any player wants, especially a forward at the age of 29. This season, he basically stood in for Sallah, Mane and Firmino, waiting for his opportunity. With his contract ending soon, the opportunity might come sooner than expected. Other teams might want to pick up the forward as he still has potential to show.

Antonio Valencia

Manchester United is a team which hasn’t been doing so great recently. Though they do not lack in talent, the roster has just not been clicking together. Valencia is 33 and is looking at the last stages of his career, as many people are looking toward younger players. A defender, he can still do more than some other players and his contract with United is coming to an end very soon. Other teams might benefit from his experience and he would definitely benefit from a better, or rather, happier roster. There have been talks about Inter having an interest in him. The Nerazzurri would be a suitable team for Valencia.

Danny Welbeck

Currently playing for Arsenal, this forward is looking at his contract’s end very soon. He won second places with Arsenal and Manchester United. With him being injured, however, it is highly unlikely that Arsenal will want to keep him. There have been talks of other teams being interested in him, like Everton, for example.

Franck Ribery

He is currently playing for Bayern Munich and is the oldest player in the list, with 36 years. He is still, however, a very good player and is showing that on the field regularly. The French player might want to change clubs given that his contract will be expiring. Many clubs will want a player of his caliber, not only because of his experience, but the fact that he can still play, and play well.

These are the most likely transfer to occur in 2019, given that the contracts of all of these players will be ending pretty soon. Whether they stay on their teams or change them, will definitely impact the leagues and level of power in the European scene.