Promotions in Online Sports Gambling – Do They Stimulate Gambling Addiction?

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Gambling is one of the most fun ways to spend your time and to enjoy an afternoon or night off work. Gambling has been around since when people first learned how to bet, whether stones or food, or even currencies which were important to the time period. Today, online gambling presents an easy way for everyone to enter the thrilling world of betting. It is also an easy way to target already existing problem gamblers.

Promotions are a great way of attracting customers, but how effective they actually are, remains to be seen, as well as whether they promote gambling addiction or have an effect only on specific people.

Do Promotions Attract Non-Gamblers?

Promotions are exciting and they can attract potential customers to spend their money on something they might not actually need or desire that much. Seeing a discount, however, sends some people into a shopping frenzy. Can the same be said for online sports promotions?

Well, not really. People like a discount, but unless you are truly interested in gambling or plan to spend a week in New Jersey to play in the Virgin casino, for example, promotion codes like that one would mean very little to you, especially if you are not into table games or slots. If you are spending a weekend in the States or anywhere else for that matter, reading what the promotion code gets you is paramount.

Some promotions could attract non-gamblers if they have anything to do with their favorite team, for example. If you cheer for your team on a regular basis and find yourself face to face with an advertisement which offers you free betting money after you already register and make a deposit, you might be tempted to gamble on that site.

Things change a lot if these ads find their way to punters.

Do Promotions Attract Gamblers and Problem Gamblers?

A casual gambler will most likely want to spend extra money on gambling if the promotion code suits them. Casino games like slots or table games like blackjack and poker will mean very little to someone interested in sports. Sports bettors, however, love promotions. Whether a casual gambler or a more frequent, if not a problem gambler, will love to spend extra, free money on a new bet.

Problem gamblers are especially affected by promotions, even more so when dealing with sports lovers. Those who bet on sports spend a lot more time studying the teams and sports they bet on, investing much more than their money and time into their hobby, or addiction if it gets that far.

This is concerning as there are almost no regulations about online promotions. If you are of legal gambling age, you can easily find your way to a promotion code and an online sportsbook.

So, whether sports promotions in online gambling affect people, the answer is, it depends. If you like sports and are an occasional punter, you might be tempted, while if you are addicted to gambling, you will surely be tempted. If you are uninterested in sports or gambling, you will dismiss it as an annoying advertisement.

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