Online Football Games You Can Play on Your Phone

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Playing games on a mobile phone is a favourite leisure activity for anyone looking to kill some free time. Some popular categories you can choose from are casino, sports, and puzzle games. Those who enjoy sports might be looking for popular football games that can be played on their smartphone. After all, football is the world’s most popular sport, isn’t it? In case you are looking for great football games that you can play on your phone or tablet, you have come to the right place; our article covers precisely that!

Pro Evolution Soccer

While PES and FIFA battle for supremacy in the world of PC and console games, when it comes to mobile phones, Pro Evolution Soccer is undoubtedly the better of the two. It offers superb control and allows you to manage your team both on and off the pitch. You can use buttons on the screen or mobile-specific gestures to control the pace of the game. Since it is played online, you can choose to compete against your friends or play against people across the world.

Dream League Soccer

If you have played Football Manager games before, chances are you have already been familiar with how the Dream League Soccer works. However, it is much simpler than the complex gameplay of the Football Manager series of games, and it also allows you to play the games instead of just managing your team. While you can’t trade players between clubs, you can sign them from the transfer market. You can do that by using coins which you get from winning matches, watching ads or completing various achievements, and the price of the player varies depending on his skill level. The more you win, the easier it will be to form a dream team!

FIFA Soccer

Even though FIFA Soccer is not as skill-intensive as its rival, it compensates for it by being an official game. That is fantastic news for anyone looking to play with real teams and their rosters! There are more than 550 teams to choose from, and the game includes football superstars from both the present and the past. Like the PC/console version, FIFA Soccer includes FUT teams that you can create with FUT coins.

Top Eleven

In Top Eleven, it is all about managing your team. Although you can’t play actual matches, the features included in this game are outstanding! There are more than 5000 players which you can trade during the transfer and make your ideal team. Substitute your players, set the winning formations and celebrate the victories or deal with the injuries while pushing through the losses and climb your way to the top by making your Top Eleven!

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