February report on the results of Thamesmead Town FC

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Thamesmead Town FC was founded in 1969 in London, England. During February this year, they played five matches. Out of these five matches they had two wins and the rest of the matches were either zero – zero or two – two. Let’s take a closer look at each of these matches.

Thamesmead Town – Lewes (0 – 0)

This match took place on the third of February and Thamesmead Town couldn’t do much on a cold day like this, but neither did Lewes. A few unused chances were around and the match was interesting but just not going anywhere. Lewes did almost score like tlcbet near the end of the match but alas it was a huge miss.

Thamesmead Town – VCD Athletic (2 – 2)

This match took place on the seventh of February and it was packed full with excitement. It did end as expected because VCD Athletic was also in great shape. The guys were really fast on the field and the game was very demanding. After a hard fight the ball just wouldn’t cross the goal line for the fifth time and make one of these two clubs the winner. It was a very entertaining match though and four beautiful goals.

Thamesmead Town – Guernsey (2 – 2)

This match took place on the tenth of February. The result was the same as the previous match: 2 – 2. However the first goal was a bit incidental I would say. This match could’ve gone either way because great opportunities for a goal were seen in both halves of the match. Near the end of the game you could see that players mostly ran with last bits of their strength. Guernsey did bring a good prepared team, but it just wasn’t enough to really take the win home against Thamesmead Town.

Thamesmead Town – Ashford United (3 – 1)

And Thamesmead Town takes the win from Ashford United on the match that took place on the seventeenth of February. It was a clean win and there was no hope for Ashford United. The winning team was in control of the game right from the start. Great goals were shown here. You can really notice how much larger the amount of time in between matches really allow for some preparation and practice. This worked very well for Thamesmead Town. It was the matchday 35 out of 46, so the ending was near.

Thamesmead Town – Carshalton Athletic (2 – 1)

Thamesmead Town lost the match that took place on twenty fourth of February. A cold day for the fans’ hearts. It’s clear that the winning team did have a lot of trouble scoring the goal;  the win was decided by just a single one. It was a difficult match, the ball just barely stayed in the possession of the single team for too long. It was constantly passed like a hot potato.

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