Does Sports Betting Affect the Result of the Match?

February 7, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized by No Comments

Money makes the world go around, and for large sums of the profit, people did worse things than manipulate game results. So, if the question is whether bookmakers bribed the competing teams to get the outcome they want, then the answer yes. Hypothetically, if a bookmaker is a sponsor of a team and they rely on their funding they could have sway over a club and dictate the result. However, let’s examine all the factors here rather than just give a plain yes as an answer.

Big leagues and corruption  

It would be reasonable to believe that influencing results in big leagues if far more unlikely when compared to smaller associations. Superstar players are and clubs are well funded, so they are unlikely to compromise themselves for a short term gain. Also, these are all powerful people that have both resources and connections, so mitigating the risk of whistleblowing is far more difficult. So, there should be far less concern about the main events when it comes to betting.     

Small leagues 

This is a different story, and since teams can struggle financially they are more prone to corruption and exploitation. It would not be too far fetched to think that bookmakers would use this to their advantage as it is not something that is broadcast on a global scale, it would be a local scandal in the worst-case scenario. Of course, this does not suggest in any way that bookmakers influence the results all the time, in fact, any stakeholder has an incentive to do this. Moreover, it does not mean that your wager is invalid, who knows maybe you are betting on the result or outcome that stakeholder wants. However, if there is negative news surrounding small leagues and if you live in a country with a high corruption rate, you should steer clear of making those wagers.  

Proceed with caution 

You can also look for signs that suggest that something is wrong. First, if only a small number of betting places allows you to bet on certain games that could suggest these results are prone to manipulation. If the odds are really low in order to persuade you it is a safe bet it could indicate that users are being baited to invest a lot. Be on a lookout for shady bookmakers, they might not be influencing the results but they could close your account after winning in order to get away, etc. If you don’t wish for any negative experience just go over the user reviews find a reliable sportsbook and bet on more reliable matches.